About The
University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa is home to about 3,961 students (2,929 undergraduates and 1,032 graduate/law students) near the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is the highest ranked private university in the state; our alumni are the highest earners among all Oklahoma colleges; and TU is home to more nationally competitive scholars than all other universities combined.

TU operates as an independent, nondenominational university. A top-rated research institution, the university welcomes students from many faiths, dozens of countriesand 45 states. The campus fosters a rich, diverse experience for students and faculty regardless of religious or cultural background through a strong belief in mutual respect and understanding.

Our students are divided among programs in five colleges: Engineering & Natural Sciences, 39%; Arts & Sciences, 21%; Business, 19%; Health Sciences, 12%; and Law, 9%. The most popular undergraduate majors are mechanical engineering, computer science, biology, nursing, exercise & sport science, psychology, finance and business management.

Our mission is rooted in the following core values: excellence in scholarship, dedication to free inquiry, integrity of character and commitment to humanity. We cheer for 17 Division I athletic teams and are fiercely loyal to the Tulsa community, logging 76,117 hours of volunteer service last year alone.