The University of Tulsa
Strategic Plan

Facing a higher education landscape with fewer students, tighter budgets and stiffer competition—during a pandemic—The University of Tulsa in January 2021 adopted a new five-year strategic plan that sets the university on a clear path to an exciting future.

The plan builds on our strengths as a highly regarded, small, private research institution with deep roots in the energy industry and a hunger for innovation. It recognizes the global need for cyber leaders and charts a course for growing the talent to supply the next generation of researchers and entrepreneurs in critical fields. It proposes a level of student support that few institutions can offer. And it depends upon the recognition that all degrees—particularly those in STEM and professional disciplines—are exponentially more valuable with a firm foundation in the liberal arts.

As we enter into implementation of this plan, we celebrate the shared values it brings forward, including our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion—in word and deed—and continuing to bind the future of the university to the city that shares its name. As TU succeeds, so does Tulsa.

The University of Tulsa 2021 Strategic Plan is the result of hours upon hours of input and reflection from TU faculty, staff, students, alumni and key stakeholders. It is underpinned by data and inspired by a visionary Board of Trustees and university leaders who challenged long-held assumptions and explored unconventional ideas. We looked back at the rich history of The University of Tulsa. We looked inward at who we really are right now, and we looked forward to what a reimagined TU could be. As higher education and, indeed, the world experiences overwhelming change, so too, must we. TU’s 2021 strategic plan is the key to a vibrant and sustainable evolution.


Ready For Everything

Best University in the Region For Life & Career Success

A leader in blending liberal arts, professional studies, and career support to produce the most well-rounded, life- and career-ready graduates in the region.

Premier Academic

Most Student-Centered University in the Region

An intimate, inclusive university that embraces, supports and guides each of its students from the moment they step foot on campus until their on-time graduation.

Ready For Everything

World Leader in Energy & Cyber

Nationally and internationally recognized for shaping the future of cyber and energy through its groundbreaking research and educational offerings.

Premier Academic

Resilient, Innovative Institution

A resilient institution that attracts top talent working towards shared goals and has the financial and operational strength to continuously invest in excellence & innovation.


Truly The University of Tulsa

Deeply embedded in Tulsa, representing and uniting a vibrant and diverse Tulsa community, and playing a pivotal role in propelling Tulsa forward.

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